There is a record of more than 30,000 gangs in the United States. These gangs can be found in cities and rural areas from Los Angeles to New York, Detroit to Atlanta.  From drug trafficking, weapons sales and extortion,  gang violence and crimes is at an all time high. Well known drug kingpins, Ricky Freeway Ross,  Leroy "Nicky" Barnes, Gino Gustavo Colon (a.k.a. "Lord Gino") and others have been glamorized in movies and on TV documentaries.

But the reality is that gangstas rely upon their leadership abilities to control a mini empire within their communities and sometimes outside of them.  While many are imprisoned for life or for lengthy sentences, many return home.  It is what they do when home that matters now, not their so called successes in the dope or gun game.

Sean Stevenson was born in New York and raised in foster care homes in North Carolina, Washington DC and Ohio. Having entered the gang world at 13 he began his leadership career by the time he was just 15 and by 21 was incarcerated for selling a large quantity of cocaine.

While in prison, Sean was approached by various media and film companies wanting to do a story on his illustrious criminal life. Sean declined, because he didn’t want to exploit his criminal background.

Released two years ago at the age of 41, Sean Stevenson is a man on a mission. This mission was motivated by the election of President Barack Obama when Sean realized that he had to make a change in his life and for his community. Exiting prison, Sean began connecting the dots that would define his journey. A journey where Sean would collaborate with positive innovative as well as traditional organizations fighting crimes and gang violence. Sean became a public speaker, lecturer and teacher, expounding on the societal ills that led him to prison. Marching in community events, speaking at schools and community centers, churches and housing projects, Sean is committed to doing his part to effect change and growth and help stop anyone from following his path.  Sean did not graduate from high school, he is in fact illiterate and unable to read or write well. It was discovered that Sean has dyslexia and another of Sean’s goals is to help stop the heedless advancement of students in schools and the high drop our rates and to be a part of helping children, youth and adults learn to read and write.

Making a difference is what propelled Sean to establish End the Violence 4 Ever, LLC. A company founded by Sean to eradicate gang violence and crimes in the urban blighted cities of America. Working with individuals, organization and companies, Sean began developing a program that is about educating, motivating and participating with the youth to combat crime and gang violence.

Deputy Police Chief Blackwell and other civic leaders have called on Sean to speak at various events throughout the city and county.

Having received numerous accolades from his community for his efforts and achievements, Sean is also receiving awards and commendations in Ohio as well as Yuma Arizona and as far away as Ghana West Africa.  Sean is a man with a mission, a mission for peace, justice, fairness and opportunity. The opportunity to read and write and have a successful life no matter your race, creed or color.


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