EDUCATE teens and youth on the realities of gangs and drugs. Show them the aftermath of living in the “Life” of crime and gang violence. Introduce them to soldiers who have spent years in prison losing their life time to prison walls and living in the bathroom with another man.  Prison or death is the reality for 99 percent of the people involved in a life of crime. Having babies and never seeing them grow old or being there for them or your grandchildren. The consequences of living the life of crime cost too much, personally and to our communities.

MOTIVATE teens and youth to seek out their dreams and to set goals. Motivate them by introducing them to people who have achieved their goals and show teens and youth the process to achieving goals. Motivate teens and youth by being consistently in their lives with positive conversation and positive reinforcement .

PARTICIPATE with teens by being a moral leader and by matching them with mentors.  Participate in their lives and in the life of the community. Attend marches and vigils. Attend and speak out at public meetings and forums such as City Hall and County Board of Supervisors meetings as well as local school district and PTA meetings. Participate as an Advocate for the youth today.