Sean Stevenson is a powerful voice, an Advocate's Advocate. He not only cares, he has made it his life mission to help eradicate violence from our communities. Straight out of prison he hit the bricks running, putting his ideas into motion, he opened END THE VIOLENCE a program committed to showing youth another way to live and succeed in life. Here you have a man born with Dyslexia who was a multi million dollar hustler before going to prison. Does he return to conquer the hustlas world again? No, he is on a whole other level, being of service to humanity and not talking about it, but being about it.

His life story is thrilling, exciting and real! He was one of America's prime Gangstas. He is a talented man with a mezmerizing personality, a captivating attitude and a future worth telling...look for his stoy in book and on film!



Roxie Deku

WIM Media Entertainment, Publicity & Publications Group, Inc. 



A man with a genuine swagger who puts his hands on the pulse of the community and makes it happen. Whether he is marching, lecturing or teaching, Sean Stevenson is no ordinary hero, he is the man with a plan and deserves more than a listen. He deserves our support, from the streets to the government to the board room, we all need to support this man's cause and not with rhetoric but financial support and by volunteering!



Georgette Dilworth Rhodes

Dilworth Networking Support